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Hypnotic Ace,起源於2014年,所有產品從設計、打板、製樣皆為原創專案,並完全在台灣生產,限量供應。 



An artificially crafted altered state of form, characterized by innate quality and adaptability to attributes. 
Hypnotic Ace aims to build high-end quality clothing with focus on details tailoring and custom materials,
which breath fresh look of casual elegance and transcendence style.

Each and every design rides on an imagination, embraces a hypnotic state that transcend the limit of visual aesthetic.
Simply, we limit to two things.
First, blend into the market but not yield to sales needs.
Second, control the styling but not chain to fashion rules.



Hypnotic Ace Co.,Ltd
4F-1 , No.162, Sec. 2, Chang’an E. Rd.
Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 10491, Taiwan

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